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Learn How to Stay on the Right Side of Spam Laws:

Because sending spam is illegal; and more importantly, not an effective marketing strategy. Sending irrelevant, unsolicited email will weaken your credibility and eventually you'll be added to a junk sender list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to use Bank Mailer's templates or can I design my own HTML campaigns?

Bank Mailer is designed to allow you the freedom to either design and import your own HTML & text-only campaigns or you can use templates that we will provide for you.

Where can I find a designer to help me create e-mail campaigns?

Right here! We have two of the best graphic designers in the industry on staff who can not only design high impact campaigns, but also have the HTML expertise to make sure that your campaigns display correctly in all major email clients.

Is there a monthly cost for Bank Mailer?

No, there is no monthly fee. You pay as you go for each campaign. Also, sending test campaigns is always free.

How do I pay for my campaigns?

You may pay by credit card using Visa, Mastercard or American Express at the time you schedule your campaign. If you'd like to be billed on account, please contact us to discuss credit terms.

Need some help?

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