Features / Reporting

Performance At A Glance

Our campaign snapshot report gives you all of the key performance metrics at one glance, including:

  • Percent of recipients who opened
  • Date and time graph showing when recipients opened and clicked
  • Number bounced
  • Number of clicks
  • Number of unsubscribe
  • Top links that were clicked in the email

Link Click Activity

Bank Mailer will tell you which links users clicked in your email and how many times they clicked each link. With Google Analytics integration, Bank Mailer can even help you track clicks to determine which ones resulted in conversions, such as loan applications or new account applications.

Recipient Level Activity Reporting

Our reports will let you drill down to see not only how many people opened your email, but also exactly which customers in your list opened and clicked links in your campaigns. Heck, we’ll even show you which links Sally Lou clicked. If you use Google Analytics, we’ll pre-tag your links for you so that you can see whether Sally Lou actually applied for a loan after she clicked through to your site.